Operated by PBA member Todd Langworthy, The Bowler's Corner is your one-stop pro shop for all of you're bowling needs.

We regularly stock equipment (balls, bags, shoes, accessories) from many manufacturers, which include Ebonite, Hammer, Brunswick, BSI, Dexter, AMF, and Robby's and VISE, just to name a few. Looking for something in particular? If we don't have it in stock, we can probably get it for you relatively quickly and at no extra charge.

Besides our selection of current makes & models, we have a large selection of "out-of-print" bowling balls available at a fraction of what they originally retailed for. These balls can range from some of last season's models to those that have been discontinued for years. Looking for one of your old favorites from a few years ago? Give us a call, maybe we can help.

Not sure if you need the latest & greatest ball on the market? Bring in your equipment at let us look at it, maybe all you need is a little "tune-up". Besides drilling new bowling balls, we have many different maintenance options available. We can do anything from putting in a new set of grips, to plugging & redrilling, to resurfacing and oil-extraction to try to get your ball as close to new as possible. If your ball just isn't quite working right for you, chances are we can figure out why, and help you get it right.